Hey you. I'm Matt Gray. I'll be attending North Carolina State University in the fall to study computer science or some other field computing related field because I'm a computer nerd and I'd probably be lost elsewhere. (oh yeah, that's me --->)

I'm a graduat(ing/ed) senior from First Flight High School depending on when you're reading this. I played baseball until I hurt my elbow, and track until I hurt my foot, so now I just try to do things and not hurt myself. I was the lead programmer and four year member of my school's MATE ROV team. My favorite activities outside of school include weightlifting and fitness in general, programming, nutrition, reading, bodyboarding, driving, and video games (not in that particular order) (I also really enjoy using parentheses).

I don't know why I have a blog because I don't write stuff very often, but if I ever feel like partaking in talking to nobody in particular about programming, training, nutrition, or life in general, it'll be there.